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Full Version: Our Team of GM and Moderators
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Every server needs GMs (Game Masters) to give support, make events, answer player's question, try to keep harmony on the server and such.
heRO started up as a great project between friends. Most of the original people have left, the server has changed a lot, but still retains the original idea: a great place to play RO!
So here is in detail, your GM team!

GM Team

[Image: Gmpandora.gif]
GM-Pandora (99)
  • Server Administrator
  • Forum Administrator
  • Website Manager
  • Update Manager
  • heRO Patch Manager
  • Head Scripter
  • Head Tech
  • Head GM
  • Occasional Spriter
  • Ingame Moderator

[Image: NekoRahice.gif]
GM-Rahice (70)
  • User Helper
  • Event GM
  • Wiki Manager
  • Forum Moderator
  • Ingame Moderator

GM-Garr (80)
  • User Helper
  • Event GM
  • Scripter
  • Forum Moderator
  • Ingame Moderator
  • SVN Updater

[Image: Ciar_Wiki.jpg]
GM-Ciar (80)
  • User Helper
  • Event GM
  • Wiki Maintainer
  • Junior Scripter
  • Monster Creator
  • Forum Moderator
  • Ingame Moderator

[Image: GM-Luna2.png]
GM-Luna (40)
  • User Helper
  • Event GM
  • Forum Moderator
  • Ingame Moderator

GM-Abathur (40)
  • User Helper
  • Scripter
  • Ingame Moderator
  • Forum Moderator

GM-Ayu (40)
  • User Helper
  • Event GM
  • Monster creator
  • Item creator
  • Ingame Moderator
  • Forum Moderator

Moderators (1)

Moderators are special players who help the GM maintain order in game. The current Moderators are:
  • JoeJoe
  • Keri
  • Laroc
  • Wira
  • Sinegami
They have the ability to mute and jail players that are misbehaving.

You would like to join the GM team? Check this post:
Previous GMs from the original team

Even though these people are no longer active GMs, they retain their GM accounts and you may see them sporadically (really once in a blue moon). These GMs were part of the starting team of heRO, even if they have long gone the server was made thanks to them!

- Forum Administrator

- Players Relations Manager

- Linux and Patcher Integrator
- Support Center Administrator

- Server Update Integrator
- Website Integrator
- Former Host

- Website Designer
- Graphic Content Supervisor (Website/Ingame)
- Server Custom Designer
2007/08/21 Added GM-Aki, the latest addition to our team ^_^

2007/12/15 Updated. GM-Chocolate is once again our "Player Relation Manager" and GM-Law becomes our "Roleplay Manager" ^_^
2008/01/21 Updated post.

GM-Law leaves the GM team to dedicate himself to real-life responsabilities, we wish him the best, goodbye Law ^_^

Ayu joins the team as our first Intern (trial period before becoming a GM), you might have seen her roaming around and wondering who she was. She is a possible future GM if all goes well.
2008/02/21 Intern-Ayu is now GM-Ayu, welcome aboard!
2008/04/18 Revamped the post a little. GM-Ayu is now Player Relation Manager. Moved certain gm to the "hiatus" list.
2008/04/18 Updated to add Vanadis and Belial.
2008/05/30 Removed GM-Chocolate, GM-Aegis and GM-Windslip, they've all been inactive for an absurdly long period of time.
GM-Aki has been upgraded from GM level 60 to 80!
GM-Belial has been upgraded from GM level 20 to 40!
GM-Loki who recently became the lucky father of a lovely daughter will be on hiatus as planned, but he retains his GM position and we patiently await his return when the duties of fatherhood will allow him some free time.
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