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Hello and welcome to the Beginner Guide!

This is for newbies and people who would like to know how to get the most out of the Hero Training Grounds.

Creating your character

In the character creation window, you can choose your name, hairstyle, and hair color. You can do your stats in game as you will begin with all stats at 1 and you will have 48 stat points to distribute. You can also reset your stats later in Prontera City. Create a nice name.


Where to now?

Now you have decided on your character name and what class it will be (or even if you haven't) You will be transferred to the starting map.

Talk to the Welcome Lady. She will explain the rules and you have to do a little quiz, to see if you know the server rules. If it's your first character on your account that talks to her you have to complete the quiz. For characters after that you can choose if you want to skip the quiz or not. However for completing the quiz you get a free OPB and the first 3 characters a free Field Manual.


When you complete the quiz on your first character on your account you get welcome gears, which are a real help. You get:

  • Little Lamb Hood
    • +100 HP, While the wearer is level 30 or below the hat has 50% chance to give zeny when a monster is killed.
  • Adventurer Cloth
    • +100 HP, While the wearer is level 30 or below it gives +10 ATK and +10 Hit.
  • Adventurer Knife
    • While the wearer is level 30 or below it gives +10 ATK and +10 Hit.

If you completed the quiz or skip the quiz you have a choice to go to the Training Grounds or to Town.

Training Grounds

When you pick Training Grounds you will be warped to a small room with 2 NPC's.

1. Talk to Shion.


Talk to her twice. You will get 1 Base level.

2. Now talk to the Receptionist.

Guide2 1.jpg

He will ask for your name, this is the name of your character. You get again the choice to go to Town or stay in the Training Grounds. So pick 'Apply for training.'

Now you are in a larger map. There are several NPC's here who are interesting to talk to.

3. Find the Interfaces Tutor.


Tell him you want to learn more about interface fundamentals. You will get 1 Base level, 1 Job level and a Tattered Novice Ninja Suit. Talking to him one more time will send you near the Skill Tutor.

4. Find the Skill Tutor.


Let him teach you how to use skills. You will get 1 Base level, 2 Job level and the skill First Aid.

5. Find the Item Tutor.


Talk to her and tell her you have come to attend the class. You will get 2 Job level, 51 Novice Potion, a Somber Novice Hood, Novice Slippers and a Novice False Eggshell.

6. Now talk to Kafra Employee next to the Interface Tutor. (Be carefull you don't spam enter or she will warp you.) Ask her about Kafra services. Read all the services. You will get 1 Base level, 1 Job level, 10 Fly Wing and 2 Butterfly Wing.

(Optional) To the east of the Kafra Employee you find a portal you find 3 Instructors, they all can teach you something about HeRO.

7. Now you are done in this room, go to the portal west of the Skill Tutor. You are now in a room with 3 NPC's. In order to talk with the Entrance Guard you need to speak with the Helper first.

8. Find the Helper.


So talk to the Helper. Follow the instructions from the Helper. You will get 1 Base level.

9. Find to the Entrance Guard.


Talk to him and take the test. You need to get 2 Job levels You will get 300 Novice Potions.

10. You now get warped to a field with monsters on it. You also see an NPC if you want to fight stronger monsters talk to this NPC and he will warp you to another field.


Note: If you die on the field with the monsters you will be warped back in the map where you can find the Entrance Guard. If you talk to him again you will be warped back to the monster field, but you get 1 Base level and 50 Novice Potions

Note: Might be best if you go to job 10 on the field, by doing this you can directly start the Job Change Quest (or use the Job Changer)

11. Once you got your levels find the Test Examiner.


Talk to him and tell him you are ready for the next course. You get warped to another map again. You can find 2 NPC's here.

12. Find Bruce.


Talk to Bruce about the jobs there are and which one you have in mind.

13. Find Hanson.


He will give you an option to do a course of questions to find out what job suits you or get warped to a random town. At the end of the course you can pick the job you want yourself or the job recommendation from the course. It can be fun doing the course and just play with the job you get. When taking the course you get 4 Red Potions, 2 Yellow Potions and 2 Green Potions.

Swordsman = Izlude, Mage = Geffen, Merchant = Alberta, Thief = Morroc, Archer = Payon, and Acolyte = Prontera.

When Hanson warps you you also get 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Storage, 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation and 1 Adventurer's Suit.

Some helpful information

Now you are in a Town you can make a choice doing the Job Change Quest or go to the Job Manager. note: If you do the quest and return to the Job Manager you get a reward, 40.000zeny and a figurine from your class.

[Job Changer]

Also a big help for new players (also for old players) is the Buddy Beanie. You can get this with a quest. Sisterly Affection. You need to help the SaveGirl with some deliveries, you'll get some rewards in the process as well as free unlock for some dungeons.

[Buddy Beanie Quest]