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Dewata is an island modeled after Indonesia. It was released on heRO in July, 2016.

About Dewata

Dewata Island's residents recently began to trade with major countries and accept visitors from all over the world, while still embracing their ancient traditions. Many travellers visit the island, for its unique flora and fauna, it's culture, to train, or simply to go on vacation. The people of Jaty Tribe, who still practice the ways of the warrior, restrict access to the dangerous Krakatau Volcano to those not deemed worthy or powerful enough, due to the dangerous comodo lizards that reside there, as well as the vicious Leak.

Dewata Town

Town Access

To get to Dewata, you must travel by ship from Alberta. The NPC "Dewata Sailor" charges 10,000 zeny to take you there. He is located at the docks, near the Sunken Ship and Byalan Island NPCs.


Locations of Interest

Near the west part of the map, you will find a large structure known as Borobudur Temple. Buddha is worshipped there, and it is a popular spot for visiting tourists. Rumor has it if you donate zeny and pray, you might randomly receive +2 stat food effect for a while.

On the west part of the beach, there is a small restaurant that sells Satay and Nasi Goreng, these items don't heal for much, but they might be used in certain quests.

At town center, you may find the regular utility NPCs, namely Kafra, Healer, Repairman, and Tool Dealer.




Dewata Legend Quest

Traditional Weapon Quest


Dewata field can be accessed from the northwest exit of Dewata Town. It is home to argiope, rafflesia alnoldi, and cendrawasih, the bird of paradise. The Jaty Tribe Village can also be found here.

This location is a good leveling place for single-target magic users, melee and ranged characters around level 70

See here for more info on the monsters in dewata field.


Dew fild01.png

Jaty Tribe Village

Northeast of the field, you may find the Jaty Tribal village, where you may begin the Dewata Legend Quest. You may also find the forger Gatti, who may create a Keris for you or enchant one if you complete the Traditional Weapon Quest.


There are 2 different dungeons in Dewata, Tina Grace Cave and Krakatau Volcano.

Tina Grace Cave

Tina Grace Cave is home to Butoijo, Banaspaty, Gajomart and Am Mut. It's a good leveling spot for parties over level 70. Half of the monsters are demon, so magnus exorcismus priests may defeat mobs as well.

See here for more info on the monsters in Tina Grace cave.

Dew dun02.png

Krakatau Volcano

Krakatau Volcano is home to Gullinbursti, Ancient Worm and Comodo. The spawn rates are rather high, and the pathing is narrow, so classes that can mob efficiently will benefit the most from this dungeon. It is recommended for characters level 85 or higher.

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Dew dun01.png