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Mr. Hatter is a popular custom NPC on heRO. By playing his five hat games, you will receive one of his highly prized hats at random at the end of the quest. These are not only valuable aesthetically but also provide stat boosts depending on which hat you get. Mr. Hatter is located one north of Rachel, in the middle of the Grand Temple's courtyard.

Hatter Quest Headgears
Base Level:


Job Level:






Item(s) (Consumed):




Quest Reward(s):

Varies (see Hatter Gears)

Hat Games

If you play Mr. Hatter's games, he will randomly select one of his hats to give you. There are five games to play; once you're done with the fifth game, you'll receive your headgear! This quest can be repeated as many times as you like so if you are a hat maniac, this quest is for you!

A quick overview of his five games are listed below.

  1. Hatter Cards: Present to him five cards but with the twist that only certain cards are accepted. These cards are commonly known as "Hatter Cards."
  2. Item Gathering: He mentions an item, you gather a hundred for him!
  3. Item Riddle: Solve this by giving him the correct item he speaks of in his riddle!
  4. Zeny Gamble: Bet more money than the Hatter will in this game. You can bet up to 200,000 zeny.
  5. Trivia: The Hatter will ask five various questions. Get at least four correct to finally receive your well-deserved hat!

Note: Should you happen to fail the 2nd or 5th game, you will be taken back to the previous game!

To select which headgear he will give you, he will roll two die with 10 faces on each; together they will give a number between 0 and 99. In total there are over 100 hat possibilities! This list is subject to change with each update as new custom hats may be added to it, and some drops might be lowered to fit it all in 100 spots. A hat may be removed from the Mr. Hatter quest reward list once it is made available through certain monster drops or quests.

Hat List

If you roll a ...!

Dice Hats Chance
00 Wrapped Mask 1%
01 Wrapped Mask 1%
02 Skeleton Hood 1%
03 Power of Thor[1] 1%
04 Shaman's Hair Decoration 1%
05 Alice Doll[1] 1%
06 Kabuki Mask[1] 1%
07 Shaman Hat[1] 1%
08 Red Glasses 1%
09 Rabbit Ears 1%
10 Chick Hat 1%
11 Charming Ribbon [1] 1%
12 Rune Cloth Circlet [1] 1%
13 Hukke's Blackcat Ears 1%
14 Drooping Morocc Minion[1] 1%
15 Silver Tiara 0.5%
Golden Tiara 0.5%
16 Shrine Maiden Hat[1] 1%
17 Night Cap 1%
18 Vane Hairpin[1] 1%
19 Thornwood Band[1] 1%
20 Anubis Helm[1] 1%
21 Crescent Helm 1%
22 Mini Propeller 1%
23 Vacation Hat[1] 1%
24 Magic Eyes 1%
25 Afro Wig[1] 1%
26 Whisper Mask 1%
27 Phrygian Cap 1%
28 Satellite Hairband [1] 0.5%
Shining Electric Bulb Hairband[1] 0.5%
29 Magic Rabbit Hat 1%
30 Bird Nest 1%
31 Purple Cowboy Hat[1] 1%
32 Kettle Hat 1%
33 Valkyrie Feather Band[1] 1%
34 Bullock Helm 1%
35 Coppola 1%
36 Fish Head Hat 1%
37 Sleeper Hat 1%
38 Gryphon Hat 1%
39 Imp Hat 1%
40 Baseball Cap[1]*
Love Dad Cap 0.25%
Jejecap[1] 0.50%
41 Pretty Black Ribbon (if Dark Side) 1%
Pretty Red Ribbon (if Light Side)
42 Purple Velvet Hat 1%
43 Autumn Leaves 1%
44 Santa Poring Hat[1] 1%
45 Super Cute Doll Hat[1] 0.5%
Very Cute Doll Hat[1] 0.5%
46 Sloth Hat 1%
47 Hunter Cap [1] 1%
48 Dress Hat [1] 1%
49 Victory Wings 1%
50 Sales Banner 1%
51 Ramen Hat 1%
52 Glasses[1] 0.25%
Sunglasses[1] 0.25%
Rudolph's Nose 0.5%
53 Cyclop's Eye 1%
54 Angeling Pin 1%
55 Ship Captain Hat[1] 1%
56 Yellow Ribbon 0.5%
Yellow Bandana 0.5%
57 Chicken Hat 1%
58 Tiger Mask 0.5%
Lion Mask 0.5%
59 Dragon Skull 1%
60 Lyria Doll Hat[1] 0.5%
Dorothy Doll Hat[1] 0.5%
61 Shark Hat 1%
62 Wandering Minstrel Hat 0.5%
Red Minstrel Hat[1] 0.5%
63 Koneko Hat 1%
64 Dark Randgris Helm[1] 1%
65 Bird Nest Hat 1%
66 Phoenix Crown[1] 1%
67 Crown of Deceit[1] 1%
68 Puppy Hat 1%
69 Close Helmet 1%
70 Plain Black Mage Hat[1] 1%
71 Neko Mimi Kafra[1] 1%
72 Hermode Cap[1] 1%
73 Helm of Darkness[1] 1%
74 Sunflower Hairpin 1%
75 Flying Angel 1%
76 Poring Cake Hat 1%
77 Decorative Geographer 1%
78 Crooked Hat 1%
79 Balloon Hat[1] 1%
80 Skull Cap[1] 1%
81 Luck-O-Irish Hat 1%
82 Note Headphones[1] 1%
83 Holy Marcher Hat[1] 1%
84 RJC Katusa Flower 1%
85 Pig Moneybox 1%
86 Twin Ribbon[1] 1%
87 Angel Blessing 1%
88 Water Lily Crown[1] 1%
89 Parade Hat 1%
90 Muslim Hat M 0.5%
Seledang 0.5%
91 Captain's Hat 1%
92 Mosquito Coil[1] 1%
93 Drooping Bunny 1%
94 Sheep Hat 1%
95/96 Bennit Doll Hat[1] 0.33%
Defolty Doll Hat[1] 0.33%
Glaris Doll Hat[1] 0.33%
Sorin Doll Hat[1] 0.33%
TellingDoll Hat[1] 0.33%
W Doll Hat[1] 0.33%
97 Poring Party Hat 1%
98 Side Cap 1%
99 Ship Captain Hat[1] 1%

Mr. Hatter's Card List

Mr. Hatter is a big fan of most of the common cards! He will only accept certain cards of low-level or popular cards for this part of the game. Bring him five to move on to the next game. Here's a list of the cards which Mr. Hatter accepts and loves:

Ambernite Card Ancient Mummy Card Anolian Card Andre Card Ant Egg Card Arclouze Card Argos Card Aster Card Baby Desert Wolf Card Beetle King Card
Caterpillar Card Chonchon Card Christmas Cookie Card Clock Card Coco Card Condor Card Cookie Card Cornutus Card Crab Card Creamy Fear Card
Cruiser Card Cupcakering Card Deviruchi Card Dimik Card Disguise Card Driller Card Dullahan Card Dumpling Child Card Eggyra Card Elder Willow Card
Fabre Card False Angel Card Familiar Card Female Thief Bug Card Galapago Card Geographer Card Giant Spider Card Gibbet Card Gig Card Ghoul Card
Goat Card Grove Card High Orc Card Hornet Card Isis Card Jejeling Card Karasaka Card Kapha Card Killer Mantis Card Kobold Archer Card
Kraben Card Kukre Card Leaf Cat Card Lunatic Card Marionette Card Marin Card Martin Card Megalodon Card Megalith Card Merman Card
Metaling Card Mi Gao Card Muka Card Munak Card Muscipular Card Neraid Card Ninetail Card Obeaune Card Orc Archer Card Orcring Card
Orc Zombie Card Parasite Card Picky Card Picky Egg Card Pirate Skeleton Card Poison Spore Card Poporing Card Poring Card Red Eruma Card Red Novus Card
Rocker Card Rotar Zairo Card Savage Card Seal Card Shell Fish Card Skeleton Card Snake Card Spore Card Spring Rabbit Card Stainer Card
Steel Chonchon Card Sting Card Tarou Card Thief Bug Card Thief Bug Egg Card Tri Joint Card Venatu Card Willow Card Wolf Card Wootan Fighter Card
Wraith Card Yellow Novus Card Zenorc Card Zombie Card Zombie Slaughter Card

Total= 105 Cards -- Updated 05.28.2017

Item Gathering

Main Page: Mr. Hatter/Item Gathering

For the Hatter's second game, he will ask you to collect 100 of a certain item.

Item Riddles

Main Page: Mr. Hatter/Riddles

In the Hatter's third game, he will give you a riddle in which you will need to solve and bring the correct item for. Also, when giving him the item in question, he will want you to use the item's ID number. This can be brought up in game by using the @ii command and then entering the name of the item in question.

Examples: @ii jellopy or @ii "sticky mucus"

If you should give him the incorrect item, the Hatter will make you replay the item gathering step again. If you want the answers to the riddles click on the link found in this section for further details.

Note: The Hatter Riddle Answers may not all be available yet.


Main Page: Mr. Hatter/Trivia

The Hatter's final game is a five question trivia game. He will ask various questions of the player, and you will be provided multiple choices to choose from. You must get at least four out of five of the questions correct or you will have to gamble zeny again with the Hatter.

Note: Some trivia may still not be available on the spoilers page still.

Hat Coloring Service

Apart from the Hat Games, the Hatter can also recolor certain special hats. You will need to have the hat to get it colored, as well as some items and herbs he will require. The ones that you can have colored are as follows:

Ribbon Mage Hat Drooping Cat Deviruchi Hat

Black Ribbon (Black):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 10 Red Herbs
  • 10 Yellow Herbs
  • 10 Blue Herbs
  • 10 Green Herbs

Yellow Ribbon (Yellow):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 35 Yellow Herbs

Green Ribbon (Green):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 50 Green Herbs

Pink Ribbon (Pink):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 30 Red Herbs
  • 20 White Herbs

Red Ribbon (Red):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 50 Red Herbs

Orange Ribbon (Orange):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 25 Red Herbs
  • 15 Yellow Herbs

White Ribbon (White):

  • Ribbon[1]
  • 20 Fluff
  • 30 White Herbs

Red Mage Hat (Red):

  • Mage Hat
  • 5 Torn Magic Book
  • 400 Red Herbs

Gray Mage Hat (White):

  • Mage Hat
  • 5 Torn Magic Book
  • 250 White Herbs

Brown Mage Hat (Gray):

  • Mage Hat
  • 5 Torn Magic Book
  • 200 White Herbs
  • 10 Coal

Blue Mage Hat (Blue):

  • Mage Hat
  • 5 Torn Magic Book
  • 200 Blue Herbs

Yellow Mage Hat (Yellow):

  • Mage Hat
  • 5 Torn Magic Book
  • 300 Yellow Herbs

Gray Drooping Cat (White):

  • Drooping Cat
  • 3 Nutshell
  • 10 Shrimp
  • 150 White Herbs

Brown Drooping Cat (Gray):

  • Drooping Cat
  • 3 Nutshell
  • 10 Shrimp
  • 100 White Herbs
  • 5 Coal

Pink Drooping Cat (Pink):

  • Drooping Cat
  • 3 Nutshell
  • 10 Shrimp
  • 300 Red Herbs
  • 100 White Herbs

Blue Drooping Cat (Blue):

  • Drooping Cat
  • 3 Nutshell
  • 10 Shrimp
  • 100 Blue Herbs

Yellow Drooping Cat (Yellow):

  • Drooping Cat
  • 3 Nutshell
  • 10 Shrimp
  • 150 Yellow Herbs

Red Deviruchi Hat (Red):

  • Deviruchi Hat
  • 50 Little Evil Wing
  • 250 Red Herbs

Gray Deviruchi Hat (White):

  • Deviruchi Hat
  • 50 Little Evil Wing
  • 150 White Herbs

Brown Deviruchi Hat (Gray):

  • Deviruchi Hat
  • 50 Little Evil Wing
  • 100 White Herbs
  • 5 Coal
Beanie Wig Cute Ribbon '

Brown Beanie (Gray):

  • Beanie
  • 3x Level 3 Fire Bolt Scroll
  • 100 White Herbs
  • 5 Coal

Blue Beanie (Blue):

  • Beanie
  • 3x Level 3 Fire Bolt Scroll
  • 100 Blue Herbs

Pink Beanie (Pink):

  • Beanie
  • 3x Level 3 Fire Bolt Scroll
  • 300 Red Herbs
  • 100 White Herbs

Fantastic/Happy/Marvelous/Shiny Wig or Wig:

  • Afro Wig [1] (Hatter Hat)
  • 100 Red Herbs
  • 100 Yellow Herbs
  • 100 White Herbs
  • 100 Green Herbs
  • 100 Blue Herbs
  • 100 Dokebi Horn
  • 100 Shining Scale
  • 20 Lucky Candy

Note 1: This recolor is randomized. You have an equal chance of receiving either one of the 4 color schemes or the Wig cute pet item.

Note 2: Mr. Hatter mentions that he needs Dokebi's Wig but he actually
needs Afro Wig [1].

Cute White Ribbon (White):

  • Cute Ribbon
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • 100 White Herbs

Cute Blue Ribbon (Blue):

  • Cute Ribbon
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • 100 Blue Herbs

Cute Green Ribbon (Green):

  • Cute Ribbon
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • 100 Green Herbs

Cute Red Ribbon (Red):

  • Cute Ribbon
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • 100 Red Herbs
  • Note 1: These are recolors from Gravity, not made by the heRO staff. Please don't ask for your favorite hat if it's not in this list. Also, Gravity is somewhat colorblind... some of their white/grey hats appear more brown.
  • Note 2: Once you color a hat, you cannot recolor it, so make sure you select carefully.
  • Note 3: When you color a hat, your original will be taken, the colored hat will be returned to you without any upgrades or cards.

Hat Voucher

This rare item can be used to skip the hat games and go directly to the hat receiving part. (It will not affect your hat game if you have one in progress). As mentioned before this item will be very rare, distributed in very limited quantity on special occasions.

One of the few ways to get a Hat Voucher is from Wild Emperiums in Warzone or from Smash Moorings in Poring Smash or GM-hosted events.


  • In the 28th May 2017 update, Hatter quest saw a revamp, including a change in his hat repertoire which removed old hats and brought new hats in. Item hunting list and card list were also changed.
  • Update on 4th July 2017 fixed certain bugs on the NPC and substituted Persika[1] with Plain Black Mage Hat[1] which was supposed to be in the 28th May 2017 update.

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