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We try to ensure that there is on average, a total of 3-7 events within a week, if possible. GMs will also vary the time of when these events occur as much as their real life schedule permits, but there is no guarantee that this is always the case.

If any event in this list seem unclear or you want to suggest something, don't hesitate to share your opinion through the heRO Support Ticket System.

Recent Events

To see what are the recent events, click on the Event Archive 2016 or Event Archive 2017.

To see what are the events held in the past (2008-2017), click on the Event Archive.

Daily Events

Daily Events in heRO are spontaneous and usually do not have an advanced warning until 15-30 minutes before the time of the event. They are usually run in style of mini-games by the GMs and have no continuous aspect to other Daily Events.

The link above contains a detailed list of the Daily Events that may be hosted in heRO.

Automated Events
heRO also has Automated Events, these are events that can be started by any player with an Event Bag item. Anyone online can participate. There are currently seven automated events at this time, as described on . Anything tagged on the Events Link page with "(Event Bag)" are automated events started by players or GMs with an item.

Monthly Trials of Heroes

This is perhaps the largest event within heRO every month, allowing heroes to enter various contests to do their very best to obtain many prizes and unique gears.
For more information regarding this event, see the related link for Trials of Heroes.

Muspel Mondays

The gate to Muspelheim opens twice per Monday, depending on which week of the month that it is.

  • 1st Monday of the month: 10 AM & 10 PM Server Time
  • 2nd Monday of the month: 2 PM & 2 AM Server Time
  • 3rd Monday of the month: 6 PM & 6 AM Server Time
  • 4th Monday of the month: 10 PM & 10 AM Server Time
  • 5th Monday of the month: 2 AM & 2 PM Server Time

For details about this weekly automated event, click here.

Great Fairy Auction

A monthly event where Queen Pixie of the fairies sells various packages of items. Sometimes they are exclusive for a time or unique items you cannot acquire anywhere else.
Announcements for times are announced always on the Forum!
For more details about the event, go here: Great Fairy Auction

Monthly Items always offered include:

  • Fairies' Might: Red Fairy Wings
  • Fairies' Magic: Blue Fairy Wings
  • Drooping Pixie (Upper headgear, +5 Hit, +5 Mdef, 5 def, Decreases after-cast delay by 5%, required level:65, all classes. Combos with Red Fairy Wings for 5% attack speed or with Blue Fairy Wings for 12% decrease of cast time.)
  • Game Master's Grace (GM Service: GMs will do a donation service equivalent of costing 5 dollars for you. Same restrictions apply as normal donation service. You must use up your GM Donation service before the next month's fairy auction or your GM Service will be voided.)
  • Pixie's Letter (Grants free and unlimited access to Fairy Dungeon, just talk to the NPC with it on your inventory.)
  • Help heRO Hat Selection Player's choice of any of the current or previous HeRO Helper hats so far.

Last Men Standing

Last Men Standing is a weekly PvP event. It is a free for all where the objective is to stay alive for the duration of the event. If you survive, you can obtain prizes based on the number of participants total at the event.

The event starts every Sunday at 15:03 servertime.
You must be inside a WoE castle at the time in order to join.
Players are warped at once.
It is impossible to join late after the starting time.

Monster(s) of the Moment

Monster(s) of the Moment, temporary increases the experience given of the chosen monster(s) by double! This is to motivate players to level and party up at different places.

The monster(s) of the Moment will be randomly updated, the selected monsters can have their experience doubled for a few days up to a few weeks!

For more details go here: Monster(s) of the Moment

Roleplay Events

These are story based events on heRO. The objectives in each event can vary. They are typically announced on the forums. You are not required to roleplay typically to attend these events. However, it is encouraged and your actions can have an effect on the stories!

To read the history of the heRO stories, you can click on the following links:

Chronicle of the Heroes- heRO Roleplay

Fairy Stories