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Welcome to heRO Wiki. This page is dedicated to helping everyone find a way to help the wiki grow. As such, please at least briefly review heRO wiki policies before you do any major editing or upload any files. Your cooperation is appreciated while we develop the wiki.

What is heRO Wiki

heRO wiki is a community project (like all wikis) in which we will try to document and inter-link all heRO materials in one convenient location. It is a place to share knowledge of our server. Currently, we're looking for mostly heRO-specific material (meaning, we do not need pages on each skill, or town, or other things already documented on other sites). We may expand in the future, but for now let's get all the information on heRO we can. Obviously, bigger additions to the wiki are hard for one person to do, and format, in a way that is appealing. For this reason, the projects page will be created in the future to keep everyone up to date on the big projects going on in the wiki. Enjoy your time here, and thank you for your help.

Editing the Wiki

The content of heRO wiki can be edited from any internet browser you choose, and you do not need to download anything to do it. References below will help you adjust to wiki-formatting if you're new to it.

Don't be afraid to edit—anyone can edit almost any page and, like Wikipedia, we want you to be bold! Find something that can be improved, whether it be content, grammar, or formatting, and make it better.

Minor Edits help avoid clogging up the Recent Changes. Use minor edits and Show Preview whenever possible.

If you are new to the wiki, consider creating an account. That way you will be credited for your contributions and other members can contact you through your talk page.

As of yet, we do not have set formatting guidelines, but we will be developing them. For now, consider trying to find a page similar to the one you are creating/editing (another quest, if you are creating a quest entry for example) and style your new page similar to that one. As time goes on we will create formatting guidelines.

heRO wiki will not break if you accidentally mis-edit an article. While we remind you not to vandalize pages, any edits that add content are welcome. If something is wrong, we can always revert the page or help to format it correctly.

If you are only working on a small section of an article, try to use the edit section buttons found within the article to avoid clutter. If you are changing the whole page, that is the time to use the edit button at the top of the page. Also, please remember to preview your changes before you make them, as it cuts down on clutter in the recent changes page in case things do not work as you had expected.

Find something to do!

We welcome all members of the heRO community to join our wiki, but we would appreciate it if you could try to make meaningful contributions. Please do not join just to create a fancy user page for yourself, as that serves little purpose to the wiki in general. Please try the following if you are having trouble finding something to add:

  • You can begin or edit any page that you feel needs more information. Create or edit a page with as much as you have to go on (it does not need to be complete). For an easy way to find pages that need work, see the list of wanted pages for red linked pages (pages which are linked to, but do not yet have any content).
  • Find an article that needs cleaning up. Help us make the wiki more accessible by helping to format projects (once guidelines are established) or simply by making them look better (so long as you are within formatting guidelines). Pages that need cleanup can be found.
  • Some articles have only basic information and need to be filled out -- these are known as "stubs". To find and help with these, look through Category:Stubs.
  • Although they are no longer "stubs", some articles still have sections that are very short -- known as "stub sections". They can be found at Category:Articles with stub sections.
  • To join or start a focused effort on improving specific areas of our wiki, check out the heRO Wiki:Projects page.
  • Another way to find things to work on is to simply click the "Random Page" button found on the left hand side of the toolbar. Some users, however, prefer to deal with on-going edits and discussions, which can be found through the recent changes section.

Further Reading

Remember, this is your wiki and your community - please remember to always be respectful and to help make our community look good.