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A big part of playing is about becoming a hero and we wanted to emphasize this with our system, which fits perfectly with the server name. Regardless of the side you choose, you can be heroic!

Getting started

First, you should decide on which allegiance you want to join, to register with either side (Light or Dark), talk to the allegiance NPC located in Prontera by the Tool shop.

For those interested to learn more about the story aspect of the Allegiance Systems, or want to know more about the Light Allegiance/Dark Allegiance, refer to the Chronicle of the Heroes- heRO Roleplay.

You earn 5 Allegiance points for joining, what are those points? We'll get to that later. Joining a side allows you to participate in the special Light VS Dark events and quests and eventually earn heroic gears. I'll detail a list of the quests later in this post. As for events, they are held from time to time by the GMs either in-game or in forums.

The Allegiance Points

You get them by participating in events or doing quests. The more points you have the higher hero you are. You'll need those points for various things in game, but you never "spend" them, they just keep getting higher.

Here's a list of what you can currently do with Allegiance Points, more stuff to come.

  • 30 Points : Can wear the clothing palette "Evil Zone" (Dark) or "Sky View" (Light).
  • 40 Points : Can enter the 4th level of Geffen Dungeon.
  • 50 Points : Can participate in the monthly event Trials of Heroes.
  • 75 Points : Can make tames for Heroic Pet (Angeling or Deviling) via the Allegiance Pet Quest.
  • 85 Points : Can start the Tower Hat Quest.
  • 100 Points : Can start the Blessed / Cursed Helm Quest.

What if you earn points of the opposite allegiance? That actually results in loosing points of your own allegiance. For example if you are Dark side and have 15 Dark points, and you earn 5 Light points you'll end up with 10 Dark points. So you cannot try to get both allegiance.

Since most quests can only be done once, you'll want to be careful when doing a quest or choosing which points you want, because once lost, they cannot be retrieved, being a hero is also about making the right decisions.

All your characters on the same account will have the same Allegiance and same amount of Allegiance Points. If you have more than 1 account you can however make them different side.

The Allegiance Quests

When talking to the Allegiance NPC, you'll notice we used 2 very distinctive colors for Light related words (a sorta peach/beige) and Dark related words (dark purple), if you see those colors again you can be sure that the NPC has something to do with the Light VS Dark system.

The Allegiance Quests are a collection of quests that can help you earn Light and Dark points and gears for the Allegiance System in heRO. Their starting location and difficulty rating are all different. See that link for more details about the Light/Dark Allegiances, related customs and the heRO roleplay.

Joining Allegiance Quest

Difficulty: Easy Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: No Party: No
Quest Reward: 5 Allegiance Points
Description: It's time for you to choose the side, and prove that you're worthy to become a full member!

Crimson Curse

Difficulty: Medium Recommended Level: 75+ Repeatability: Yes, once per character Party: Maybe
Quest Reward: Takius’s Blindfold, 5 Allegiance Points
Description: Assist Princess Rumika and her bloodline in removal of the Crimson Curse. For your efforts, you will be awarded allegiance points and Takius's Blindfold. .

Doll's Quest

Difficulty: Easy Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: Yes, but light/dark points can only be obtained one time Party: No
Quest Reward: Varies depending on dolls turned in
Description: A little girl loves to collect dolls. Help her collection grow by giving her a few that you found.

Find the Explorer!

Difficulty: Easy Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: No Party: No
Quest Reward: 5 Allegiance Points each time you find the explorer for a total of 25 points
Description: A certain explorer has decided to seek out various places in the world, and if you manage to find her she will reward you with allegience points!

Lover's Destiny

Difficulty: Easy Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: No Party: No
Quest Reward: Light Receives a Puppy Love and 5 Allegiance Points, Dark receives an Old Hilt and 5 Allegiance Points
Description: Seal the fate of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

A Lost Friend

Difficulty: Medium Recommended Level: 70+ Repeatability: No Party: No
Quest Reward: Glove[0] and 5 Allegiance Points
Description: Help Miner Jack find his missing friend.

The Sign Quest

Difficulty: Hard Recommended Level: 50+ Repeatability: No Party: No
Quest Reward: The Sign, Lucifer's Lament (unlimited access to Geffenia), access to make Cursed Waters, EXP, and 5 Allegiance Points
Description: This quest is not custom to the heRO server, but because it is so heroic, Valkyrie herself will reward you with Allegiance Points for your valiant effort.

Monster Extermination

Difficulty: Medium/Hard Recommended Level: 80+ Repeatability: Yes Party: No
Quest Reward: 1 Lunatic Card, 2 Old Purple Boxes, 3 Gold, 4 Life Insurance, 5 Allegiance Points
Description: This is a monthly repeatable quest that rewards both items and 5 Allegiance Points if you finish it within the month! Start your quest in Prontera to be sent off to fight various monsters in the world and exterminate them! The quest must be completed within the same month it is started in.

Army Supply Quest

Difficulty: Easy Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: Yes Party: No
Quest Reward: Light/Dark Stylish Cap or certain dungeon unlocks (without needing to do the quests)
Description: Help out your fellow allegiance members by providing supplies so that they may continue to fight the opposition's army!

Novice Wing

Difficulty: Moderate Recommended Level: Any Repeatability: Once per account Party: No
Quest Reward: For Light Allegiance: Baby Angel Wings, for Dark Allegiance: Baby Demon Wings
Description: A hard working novice called Emmy waits for you within the Novice Training Grounds. If you can also prove to be a hard working novice like her and complete all the tasks she has in store, you will be rewarded with unique equipment exclusive to the Novice class!

Tower Hat Quest

Difficulty: Hard Recommended Level: 89+ Repeatability: Unknown Party: No
Quest Reward: For Light allegiance: Angeling Tower Hat- Deinlu/Stagvi, for Dark allegiance: Deviling Tower Hat- Deinlu/Stagvi
Description: An astonished artist is inspired by the mighty Wizard's Tower of Geffen and wants to create a new headgear based on the light and dark allegiance's Angeling Helm or Deviling Helm. Bring one of these two helms to the man and work together to create the Angeling/Deviling Tower Hats!

Blessed / Cursed Helm Quest

Difficulty: Hard Recommended Level: 80+ Repeatability: Unknown Party: No
Quest Reward: For Light allegiance: Blessed Helm, for Dark allegiance: Cursed Helm
Description: Help a man reconnect with his scattered friends and create a helm that combos with your level 5 ToH wings!

The Snow Queen

Difficulty: Medium Recommended Level: 80+ Repeatability: Once per character Party: No
Quest Reward: Frozen Diadem[1] equipment and 5 Allegiance Points
Description: A young boy in Lutie is worried about his friend who hasn't come home for the first snow of the year. Help the boy's friend and him to be able to spend this moment together.

There are other seasonal quests, such as one only available during the Christmas holiday and another around Halloween. Multiple one-time events throughout heRO server may give you allegiance points as well! Be sure to be online to play often, and you will surely meet up with them!

The Light and Dark events

Some special events are another way to earn Allegiance Points. To know more about the previous events you can check the various chapters of the hero story. GMs will try to advertise Light VS Dark event in advance but they could also make some spontaneous events.

One regular heroic event is called the "Trials of Heroes" it is held once a month and is the only way to earn some special allegiance gears.

Sometimes events are also held while following the roleplay aspect of the two different allegiances. While they may not always reward Allegiance Points, they formulate an important part of heRO's Allegiance system. Check the Chronicle of the Heroes- heRO Roleplay for more details.

The Hero Gears

The Wings from Trials of Heroes can "evolve" as you participate and succeed in Trials of Heroes, meaning your wings will grow in strength as you become a stronger hero in the trials. All ToH Wings are obtainable in the Trials of Heroes event. To gain a higher evolution wing you trade your previous one.

See the details on the Trials of Heroes gears for the Light side and Dark side.

No players may ever have heRO gears from both Light and Dark Allegiance at any point in time.

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