Lonely Artist

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Item(s) (Consumed):

Pencil Case x5

Quest Reward(s):

Scribbling Pencils

An artist in the destroyed town of Morroc is having a hard time making a masterpiece of art. Give him some much needed assistance, and he may share with you his secret techniques of drawing- the "Scribbling Pencil" which allows the user of the item to use the skill "Graffiti"! This quest is repeatable.

1. Head to Morroc 124, 270 (Northern region of the map) and talk to the Lonely Artist.
Lonely artist.jpg

2. He will ask if you like his art. Reply that you do.

3. He will then say he could actually create a masterpiece if he had some Pencil Cases. He will then ask you for you to bring him 5 Pencil Cases (obtainable through Gift Boxes).

4. Return to him with 5 Pencil Cases and he will reward you with his Scribbling Pencils. Scribbling Pencils allow you the use of the Rogue skill Graffiti when they are equipped.