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Player commands

  • @autoloot: Lets you pick up your loot automatically
    • Syntax: @autoloot number (where number is a percentage),This command is activated at 100 by default, picks 100% of your loots.

  • @alootid: Lets you pick up specific item ID's automatically.

  • @autoloottype: Lets you pick up specific item categories automatically.
    • Syntax: @autoloottype +[type]; @autoloottype -[type] where type is healing, usable, etc, weapon, armor, card, petegg, petarmor and ammo.
    • @autoloottype reset will clear your autoloottype list.

  • @autotrade or @at: Use this command with your vending merchant, set up your shop then write it, it will close your RO client but your merchant will still be online until the next time your log back on that account. This will allow you to play on another account while still vending your stuff!

  • @breakguild: Breaks the guild you are the leader of. Does not work if you are not the guild leader.

  • @changeleader : changes the leader of your party. You must be the current leader to use this, the other person you want to transfer leadership to has to be in party.
    • Syntax @changeleader name_of_new_leader

  • @channel allows you to list, leave, bind global chat, or unbind your chat.
    • Syntax: @channel list Lists all public channels; @channel leave [channel name] leaves the specified channel; @channel bindto [channel name] binds your chat to a specific channel; @channel unbind unbinds your chat from the bound channel, if it is.

  • @commands: lists the commands available to your player.

  • @duel: Allows you to send a duel to another player.
    • Syntax: @duel creates a duel; @duel name sends a duel to name.
    • Duel-specific commands: @invite name lets you invite name to the duel if there's space; @accept lets you accept a duel request; @reject lets you decline a duel request; @leave allows you to leave the duel.

  • @font [1-9]: Lets you change the appearance of your chat. @font 0 resets your font to the default.

  • @hominfo and homstats : displays information on your homunculus.
    • @hominfo displays the information available in the homunculus status window.
    • @homstats lists the HP and SP of the homunculus, and the STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK of the homunculus.

  • @homtalk : makes your homunculus say something you write.
    • Syntax: @homtalk message
    • Will display emoticons typed as text.

  • @ii or @iteminfo: will show you item information
    • Syntax: @ii name, For example @ii honey (will give you information on the item honey)

  • @jailtime: displays the amount of time your character has to be online until you are released from jail (note: using autotrade does not contribute to serving your jail time)

  • @join: Lets you join a specific channel. Available channels to join: #main #ally #map

  • @me : pretend your character is doing an action.
    • Syntax: @me action

  • @mi or @mobinfo: Shows you monster information
    • Syntax: @mi name, For example @mi poring (will give you information on poring monster)

  • @mutepet: Mutes the idle talk of your pet, but not speech generated using @pettalk. Persists between login. To re-enable, type @mutepet again.

  • @noask: Turns on auto-rejecting of Party, Trade, Duel and Guild invites.

  • @pettalk : makes your pet say something you write.
    • Syntax: @pettalk message
    • Will also display emoticons typed.

  • @partyoption : allows to change the item sharing option of a party (if you are leader).
    • Syntax: @partyoption yes/no yes/no no/no (example @partyoption yes yes to share items)

  • @restock : Displays information about the Restock system. More information here

  • @rates: Tells you the Current Base and Job EXP Rates, the Current Drop Rates for Normal, Boss and "Other" Drops. During some events/event times, these rates will be increased from their standard percentage.
    • Syntax: Standard Base Experience 5.00x / Job 5.00x - Normal Drop Rate 3.00x / Boss Drop Rate 3.00x / Other Drop Rates 3.00x

  • @showexp: Shows or hides the experience gained when mobs are killed.

  • @showdelay: Shows or hides the messages that are shown when you try to use a skill before the skill delay has timed down.

  • @time: Shows server time and displays information on the game's day and night cycles.

  • @uptime : tells you how long the server has been up.

  • @whereis: Shows the locations (mapnames) of a monster in order from the most spawns to the least.
    • Syntax: @whereis monstername, For example @whereis Poring (will give you information on what maps you can find Porings and the numbers of spawn)

  • @who: list all the players online (gives guild/party information)
    • Syntax: @who will list all online players and return a count; @who name will return the list of all the players who have the fragments of 'name' in their name, with guild and party information of each.

  • @who2 : list all the players online (gives class/level information)
    • Syntax: @who2 will list all online players and return a count; @who name will return the list of all the players who have the fragments of 'name' in their name with level and classes of each.

  • @whodrops : information on the 5 monster that drop an item the most.
    • Syntax: @whodrops name, For example @whodrops apple (will give you the list of the 5 monsters who drop apple with the highest %), Monster experience gain is displayed automatically, you can turn it off with @showexp.

  • @whosells : Searches all vendors for an item. More information here.

Other Chat Channels

In order to use these commands, you must place everything including the sharp (#) in the Whisper window. You can access this by pressing tab when your chat window is active, or by clicking the white box to the left of the active chat bar.


  • #ally: With #ally in your whisper bar, you can send messages to up to four guilds at once, assuming they are allied together. For best use, those three guilds should be allied with one another so that messages sent aren't confused by non-allied guilds.


  • #Main ON: To turn ON the main channel, activated by default. (Not case sensitive)

  • #Main OFF: To turn OFF the main channel. (Not case sensitive)

  • #Main: Use to send a message to the Main channel.
    • Syntax: In the place where you would write a player's name to PM, write "#Main" then type the message you wish to send across the #Main channel, be careful to not mix it up and send the private messages for all to see!


  • #map: Allows you to enter the #map channel. Lets you send messages to everyone on the same map. Like #ally, it must be placed in the whisper bar in order for it to work.