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The restock system allows players to get items from their Kafra storage or guild storage without having to open their storage. It works by allowing players to make a preset list of items that, upon use of @restock near a Kafra, Cool Event Corp or Guild Admin NPC's in any town, will fill your inventory with those items. The system is unable to grab equipable items. The lists made through the restock system are character-bound, and have a cap of 10 items per list. Each character currently can create 5 such lists, making it 50 items per character maximum. The system does not work with the Cat Hand NPCs at this moment in time. The system does work during War of Emperium.

To enable the system, type @restock on. To disable, type @restock off. But to actually have the system active you need to have an active list.

Command summary (obtainable with @restock, @restock help or @restock h) :

@restock OR @restock help OR @restock h OR any incorrect parameters will trigger this message.
@restock on 
@restock off
@restock lists / @restock list / @restock l 
@restock list(/lists/l) <0-5>
@restock list(/lists/l) clear
@restock list(/lists/l) name <name> 
@restock items(/item/i)
@restock + <item_id> <quantity> {<source>}
@restock - <item_id>

How it works

Using just @restock makes the information relating to the command appear in your chat window, much like @restock help or @restock h will.

The system works in this order:

1)  The user enables @restock using the command @restock on 

2)  The user selects an active list using @restock list(/lists/l) <0-5>

3)  The user then walks within 2 cells of any Kafra or Cool Event Corp NPC, and the item will be refilled
    if there is enough in storage, or will prompt a message saying there is not enough of the item in storage.

3a) If the user's storage has a password enabled, then you will have to enter the password. Once you input the password, you will not need to
      re-input your password until you relog or change characters.
    Inputting password wrong will disable the system. Inputting password wrong 3 times will notify GMs and any moderators online.

4)  If the user no longer wishes to use @restock, then they can disable the system using @restock off

For example, if you make a list with 200 blue gemstones (ID 717), and you walk near any of the Kafra employees with 150 blue gemstones on hand, then you will automatically get 50 blue gemstones from storage. If you do not have the 50 blue gemstones in storage, you will recieve a message in your chat window saying such and remainder of blue gemstones, if there are any.

Items types you can use with the Restock System: Healing, Consumable, Misc, Ammo (Arrows, Venom Knives, Kunai, Shuriken and Bullets) and scrolls

Items types you cannot use with the Restock System: Pet eggs, Armors, Cards and Weapons.


The use of lists is what makes the restock system work. The following commands will display the Restock lists available to the currently logged-in character:

@restock lists
@restock list
@restock l

To enable a list, or to create a list, you must type:

@restock list <0-5>

0 disables the system
1-5 enables the list saved to slots 1-5

Note: You cannot enable two lists at once. (Ex: You cannot have lists 1 and 3 active at the same time.) It is one list or the other list.

To name or rename the currently picked active list, use the command:

@restock list(/lists/l) name <name> 

<name> is the name you wish to give to the active list

To add to a list you need to add items by ID. First, you must enable or create a list, and after, you must then use the following command:

@restock + <item_id> <quantity> <source>

<item_id> is the item you wish to add (@ii to find the numerical id)
<quantity> is the minimal number you wish to have in inventory after restock.
<source> is optional; 0 or not recorded value for normal Storage, 1 for Guild Storage.

Note 1: A message mentioning that you are not in a guild appears if you set the source as guild storage
        without being in a guild and attempt to restock the item. 
Note 2: The restock system will withdraw items from whichever source you set as, regardless of whether the Kafra,
        Cool Event Corp and Guild Admin NPCs do or do not provide the correct storage.
        For example, you will withdraw items with source set as guild storage whenever you walk near a Kafra.

To display a list of items currently in the active list use one of the following commands:

@restock items
@restock item
@restock i

To remove an item from a list, use the following command:

@restock - <item_id>

<item_id> is the item you wish to remove (@ii to find the numerical id)

To completely clear the current active list, use one of the following commands:

@restock list clear
@restock lists clear
@restock l clear