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heRO is a private Ragnarok Online server, but it's also a great project, and we do our best to make our server a fun and enjoyable place to be for everyone. We also ensure that the server is balanced, but we customize it to make it our own special RO world.

General Information

  • 5x (Base Exp)
  • 5x (Job Exp)
  • 3x (Item Drop)
  • 5x (Quest Exp)
  • Bonus of 50% Exp for each additional member in a share party!
  • Regular max levels (99/70 for trans, 99/50 non-trans, etc.)
  • Regular max attack speed of 190
  • Regular instant cast of 150
  • Regular Vending Tax of 2.1%
  • Baby character are Small size players (except when mounted on peco)
  • Mounted normal classes are considered "Large" while mounted baby classes are considered "Medium"

Technical Specifications

  • heRO Server runs on a dedicated computer
  • Intel Duo-Core 2 E8400 3 Ghz FSB 1333 Mhz 6 MB cache
  • 4 GB of memory DDRII PC 6400
  • Professionally hosted at iWeb on one of their ultra fast connection
  • Hercules emulator
  • Linux Ubuntu OS for stability
  • The Patch Server and Control Panel runs on a different server
  • Encrypted passwords for your safety
  • Backups are made on a regular basis

WoE Twice A Week

Our server is WoE-oriented, and to keep the wars fun and action-filled we have only opened 2 normal trans castles with 1 retro WoE castle so far. The server is based in EST time (Eastern part of America), but we tried to make sure the hours were also convenient for PST residents (Pacific) and that the WoE hours do not prevent most people from having a social life.

Active GMs

  • The GM team is there to answer your questions and/or point you in the right direction for finding what you need.
  • We hold lots of fun Events, and you can see our record of events in our Event Archive
  • We add custom quests, even player-written ones.

Chronicles of the Heroes

Our server's own storyline, watch as it unfolds with YOU as the characters!

  • Join the Light or Dark side by talking to the Allegiance NPC in Prontera
  • Special color palettes for each side, show your colors!
  • Earn Allegiance points (Light or Dark) by completing our custom quest or participating in special Light VS Dark events!
  • Get special hero equipment with your Allegiance points!

Custom NPCs

  • Healer (for a fee)
  • Reset Master with adaptive prices (click on link for more details)
  • City and Dungeon Warper with unlockable warps (for a fee)
  • Special DB room and DB seller
  • Stylist with lots of custom palettes
  • PVP warper (gives you a choice of 4 PVP rooms and tells you how many players are in each)
  • Banker
  • So much more

More fun stuff

  • Our own Mining system (mine for ores, stones and more!)
  • Fishing system with 3 unique spots designed to have different difficulties!
  • Main channel (communicate with the whole server, turn if off if you don't feel social), as well as #Ally to speak with allied guilds and #Map to speak to everyone on your current map
  • Great community (we try our best to have the server rules respected to keep the server a fun environment for all)
  • Roleplaying is welcomed (but not mandatory) (refer to Chronicle of the Heroes- heRO Roleplay for details)
  • Encrypted passwords for your safety.