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To play this server everyone must understand and be able to write a comprehensible English. If a GM addresses you, you must be able to understand, answer and comply. Those who have problems which English should do efforts, but obviously we don't ask for perfection, simply a level high enough to allow communication.

Be respectful to everyone

Insulting, the use of swears, discrimination, racism, sexism or any other offending comments may result in punishment. That goes for everywhere, especially on the Main Chat for everyone. Do not purposely kill other players outside of PvP/GvG enabled map via any means. This also includes usage of any skill what so ever to defend, buff, heal, kill steal, undo aggro status or steal a non-MVP monster, unless the person asked for you to do so. For MvP monsters, follow the MvP FFA rule.

Use English on Main

The Main channel must be used in English only. You can write any languages in other chats though but main stays English.

Do Not Spoil Custom Quests in Public

Details/Locations on any heRO custom additions or quests are not to be mentioned using @main or public forums. However, players are allowed to ask questions regarding these heRO custom quests in public, but answers must be given through other chats, PMs or in private forums.

Restriction in Naming Conventions

Below is the list of letters/numbers/symbols allowed in creation of a character's name. Make sure to also choose a name that is appropriate (aka no slander, profanity, insult, etc!). Player names who do not respect this rule will be sent to jail until a new name is chosen, the character can also be deleted if the name is too offensive. Using similar name as an existing player to carry out malicious act or to purposely ruin the player's reputation is also a punished offense.

Allowed characters:

You cannot make character whose name starts with "GM-", "GM", "Event-", "Event", "Intern-" or "Intern" (or the small caps of them). These are reserved for GM usages.

The "appropriate" rule also goes for anything else a player has to choose a name for, such as party name, guild name, guild title, pet/homunculus name, shop name, chat room name, etc.

Kill Steal (KS) for Non-MvP Monsters

Do not hit a monsters that "belongs" to another players. Any monster that is attacking/chasing the player, or if the player is also attacking that monster, counts as "belonging" to that player. KS rules do not apply in any public DB room or any GM hosted events unless stated otherwise by the GMs.


MVP's are free for all to attack. However players are not. This means that while you can do anything to the MvP, you cannot directly effect the player. For example, trying to make them go through warp portals, etc.

Mob Dropping

Players are not allowed to drop monsters on other players, this includes MVP's

Do Not Beg

Players used work or wits to gain their items/zeny. Do the same, don't go around begging for items or money.

Do Not Bot/Macro

Botting will result in a permanent ban of all accounts and any type of macro will result in a permanent account ban, no exceptions. Failure to pass the botting/macro test from GMs, regardless of "actual reasons," will be treated as using bots or macro programs.

No AFK Leveling/hunting

No one is allowed in anyway or form to level/hunt AFK with the means of any pet, homunculus, @autotrade, item, skill or card.

Do Not Loot Steal

Do not steal the loots of other people, be it from monsters or when a player is unloading pets. Items on the ground, especially if unloaded from the pet, still counts as the player's property.

Shops and Chatrooms

Do no set shops or chats within a 7x7 area (3 cell radius) of any NPC, including warps. Only one shop can occupy one cell. In Prontera, shops and chat boxes can only be set up on the side walks. Shops can only be put up in a town (except for Niflheim) or maps without *any* monsters.

Do Not Cheat

If you find a bug or abuse, report it immediately to the GM Team via Support Ticket. Failure to report a bug or abuse is considered a violation of this rule and the passives will be seriously punished. Do not modify your RO files to give yourself any advantage, only cosmetic modifications are allowed. Example of modifications allowed: a new aura image, a different skin, etc. Example of modifications that are NOT allowed: changing your Frost Joke/Scream skill to display no text, changing a graphic that affects your delay, changing a graphic that affects your character's speed, etc

No advertising for any server/website/game

Do not advertise any other server/website/game. Mentioning another server can be considered advertising. Mentioning official server names are allowed.

Do not break DB/BB randomly anywhere/everywhere

Do not break DB/BB outside of DB Rooms. Take care of your accidental DB/BB, or transformed monsters by equipment effects. Cry for help immediately on @main if the transformed monster is too strong for you to handle alone (including if it is in town or no-exp loss map.).

No Blockage of Castles' Entrances

During WOE it is forbidden to cast ICE WALL, use any skill or items that would prevent players from entering a castle. /notrade is available to all players.

No Blank Emblems During War of Emperium (WoE)

While the War of Emperium is ongoing, it is forbidden to enter a castle if the guild you are in uses no emblem, a transparent emblem or one that is not clearly visible. Note: It is however permitted to be unguilded.

Double-clienting is forbidden

That is: you're only allowed to ever have 1 RO client open per real physical actual person. You are not allowed to log more than 1 RO client be it on the same computer or on two separate computers. (2 separate real people playing in the same house is fine however.)

Double (or more) participation of one player per ToH is forbidden

That is: you're only allowed one character to enter and participate into one ToH.

Mushroom/Plant/DB Limit

When using the creator skill to create mushrooms or plants you must not go over 200 total at the same time. 200 mushrooms=ok, 201 mushrooms= not ok, 100 mushrooms+100 plants=ok 101 mushrooms+100 plants= not ok because it makes a total of 201.

This also applies to Dead Branches and Bloody Branches. No more than 200 total may be spawned on a map.

No trans/extended jobs in alde castle

No trans (reborn) or extended job (ninja, gunner, taekwon family) is allowed in aldebaran castle. If a such a job ends up in it with the Guild Recall skill, then they have to leave immediately, by using a butterfly wing or logging out. Walking is not an option to leave the castle, and attacking players is a punishable offense.

Regarding Alchemist/Creator's Homunculus

The heRO AI is sure to comply with our specific rules regarding homunculus, using it is recommended.
Players are also free to use their own written ai, as long as they follow server rules.

- No killstealing!
The homunculus is bound by the same rules as its owner, and must not attack a monster that belongs to another player.
- No auto-alchemist skills.
The AI is meant to control the homunculus only, you are not allowed to use it to control your alchemist/creator character.
- No AFK leveling.
Afk leveling will be considered the same as botting, if you must go away from keyboard do so in a monsterless map or send your homunculus to sleep.

Regarding shared accounts

Account sharing is not our responsibility and is not encouraged by the GM team. The GM team will not consider movement of items due to account sharing as an act of stealing. The selling/trading of an account or item counts as a form of sharing account, therefore not supported by GM's. - Real money transactions involving items or accounts between players will not be tolerated be it on the forum or the server. - Deals involving zeny and/or item in exchange for GM service are allowed.

Regarding stolen items not from a shared account

If you lent an item and failed to get it back, this is considered stealing, it will be returned back to the owner if they make a support ticket providing unmodified screenshots of both the trade and the agreement to lend. Preferrably, the items and the agreement are in the same screenshot. The report sent needs to be as clear as possible with a precise time frame. Reports about trades older than 3 months will not be considered. Item retrieval does NOT apply if the other person is banned - any items regardless of origin are always permanently locked with the banned account (unless the account is banned precisely because of stealing in the first place.)

Do Not Tolerate/Assist in Rule-breaking Activities

Inaction to cover up a rule-breaking act committed by someone else, such as not reporting a bot due to being in the same guild/friends, not reporting fully banned member returning to heRO*, can also count as an offense. You should report on rule breakers as soon as possible.

*Note: Normally when a player is banned, they are allowed to start totally fresh. However, there are fully banned players who are not welcomed in heRO and are not allowed to play even if they are willing to start fresh:

List of fully banned players:
"Amil Gaul/Makachuk"
"Matrim Cauthon Jr."

Final rule

Lastly, if by your action(s) or inaction(s) you cause harm or seriously hinder another character's playing experience, punishments may be given according to the severity of the action(s) or inaction(s).