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Styla is heRO's resident stylist extraordinaire! Visit her in central Prontera to change your look. She offers three different services, and there is no limit to the number of times you can spice up your style, so go nuts!

Hair Styling

Styla has spent many years perfecting her hairstyling techniques, and can give you any of RO's classic styles as well as over 150 additional custom styles. Classic styles are free, but to get a custom hairstyle, you'll need a Haircut Coupon. There are also a couple of hairstyles that are only available if you are a member of either the Light or Dark Allegiance, or if you are a member of the Nobility. There are also some hairstyles that are only available to people who purchased them during the Great Fairy Auction, although these usually become available to everyone, eventually.

Haircut Coupons can be obtained in a few different ways. The most consistent way is to do a short item gathering quest (see: Hairstyling). They also drop from certain Poring Type Monsters during Poring Smash events. Additionally, they can sometimes be obtained via Nobility rewards, or as rewards for certain holiday and seasonal quests.

When you choose the custom hairstyling option, Styla gives you two choices: you can view a preview image of all of the custom hairstyles for your character's gender, or you can spend a Haircut Coupon to preview the hairstyles on your character. Once you are in the live preview mode, if you cancel out of the textbox or disconnect, you will keep the hairstyle you are currently previewing. You can also view the different hair colors in the live preview mode. Not every hairstyle comes in every color, so choose carefully!

The current listing of custom hairstyles is as follows. The colors used in the preview pictures are not the only available colors for each style.

Female Styles

Styla (female).jpg

Male Styles

Styla (male).jpg

Hair Coloring

Styla's hair coloring service is completely free of charge! Simply pick this option and cycle through the colors available for your current hairstyle, or, if you know the number that corresponds to the color you want, you can just type the number and voila!

Styla offers the following hair colors (not all colors are available for all hairstyles):

Styla (colors).jpg

Cloth Coloring

Changing your clothing color is also free! Each palette appears differently on each job class. As with the hair colors, you can choose to browse or select by number. There are also certain categories (e.g. Holiday colors) that you can choose from. If you browse the custom colors, you will only see the palettes that are available to that character (including categorized colors). Styla has certain palettes that are only available under certain circumstances. These include Nobility palettes, Light/Dark Allegiance palettes, Hemerald's Elemental Wings palettes, and a palette that can be unlocked via the Zodiac Gate Quest.