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Trials of Heroes, normally abbreviated as ToH, is an event held once a month and is the only way of obtaining ToH-related heRO gears.


In order to participate in the Trials of Heroes, a player will have to talk to the ToH NPC located near Prontera Tool Shop (/navi prontera 129 213) and must fulfill these requirements:

  • Players must have sworn to either the Light Allegiance or the Dark Allegiance and have at least 50 Allegiance points (Check here for details about Allegiance system). Neutral players are not permitted entry.
  • Pay the entry fee. No refund is giving should the player leave before the event ends. Entry fees are as followed:

Level Rebirth Fee (Zeny)
1-89 No 200,000
90-99 No 300,000
1-89 Yes 400,000
90-99 Yes 500,000

There is no base level requirement for a player to join the event. It is recommended for players to be at base level 80 and higher. However, there are exceptional players who have won a score of 70 or higher with a base level of 70-80. Currently, there are no cases where players below base level 70 to have obtained a score of 70 or higher yet.

The Rules

Basic Rules

  • Pets and pet eggs are not allowed.
  • Players can bring as much items as their weight allows but the items must last the whole event. Storage service is not provided to participating players until the event has ended.
  • Trading with other players during or between any trials is absolutely forbidden.
  • Players' cloth palettes will be automatically changed to Evil Zone for Dark players and Sky View for Light players.
  • Players are responsible for their own time and attendance. Problems such as lag, disconnection, etcetera are the player's own responsibilities. Players will not be waited if they are not available during the event when their presence is needed.
  • If for some reason the participating player could not stay until the end of the ToH to collected their prizes, simply visit the Prize Giver NPC, located in the Aldebaran guild hall before attempting to enter the next ToH. Otherwise, the points from the previous ToH will be lost.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the event.
  • Some classes are at a huge disadvantage in this event as rewards are given based on the player's ability to fight monsters and other players. Because of this, a handicap is given based on certain classes worth:
    • 15 points to Priests.
    • 10 points to High Priests.
    • 5 points to Novices (not Super Novices).
    • 5 points to Baby classes.

Banned items

Having any of the items below will usually restrict a player's ability to attend the event (usually the item that is not allowed is not stated by the registration NPC).

  • Pet Eggs
  • Yggdrasil Leaf
  • Yggdrasil Berry
  • Yggdrasil Seed
  • Angel Fish
  • Dory
  • Nemo
  • Fly Wings
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Dead Branches
  • Bloody Branches
  • Anodyne
  • Scrolls
  • Buff Items
  • Stat Items
  • Small Life Potion
  • Large Physical Defense Potion
  • Large Magic Defense Potion
  • Up to 5 Elemental Converters or Cursed Water or a combination of both. Example:
    • Allowed: 2 Cursed Waters, 1 Fire Converter and 2 Wind Converter.
    • Not Allowed: 5 of each Converter (20 total).

The Trials

There are a total of five different trials, and each aspiring hero will participate in at most four of them and try to score as many points as possible. See further below for a list of the points and their rewards.

Out of the first three trials, each participant must choose two. The last two trials are open to everyone and provides bonus points.

Monster Trial

Total: 50 points from 5 phases of unique monsters.

Participants choosing to partake in this trial will have to go through a corridor five times in five phases, each phase containing different monsters of increasing difficulty but diminishing quantity. The participant will start at one end of the room, the monsters being in the middle and must get to the end of the corridor. Each phase will be limited to 2 minutes and participants are healed in between phases when going through the portals.

Scenario Points Awarded
Killing all monsters and crossing the corridor without dying before time runs out. 10
Crossing the corridor without dying but failing to kill all monsters before time runs out. 5
Killing all monsters without crossing the corridor before time runs out. 5
Failing to cross the corridor and kill all monsters before time runs out. 0

Few rules during Monster Trial include:

  • Players are not allowed to reveal details about the monsters to anyone until their phase has ended.
  • Players are allowed to set @autoloot off.
  • Players are not allowed to buff other players or receive buffs from them.

Note: Monsters in this trial change every month so expect different strategy requirements and difficulty every month.

Item Trial

Total: 50 points from 5 unique items.

Participants choosing to partake in this trial will have to simultaneously collect up to five unique items with various quantities while being pitted together into a closed map (clone of Alberta city) with special monsters with special drops and NPCs who will trade these drops for certain items. These special drops are usually collected by an NPC at the end of the trial. Due to the nature of this trial, it is impossible to pre-gather the items. 20 minutes is usually imposed for players to gather all the required items.

Out of the five unique items, three of them are usually dropped by monsters roaming around the map while the other two are obtained by trading away monster drops to NPCs. Resurrections are provided and automated at every 1 minute.

Scenario Points Awarded
Successfully gathering the required amount of an asked item. 10
Successfully gathering half or more than half of the amount of an asked item 5
Successfully gathering less than half the amount of an asked item. 5
Failure to gather at least 1 of an asked item. 0

Few rules during Item Trial include:

  • Players are not allowed to drop items.
  • Players must set @autoloot to 100% at all times.
  • Players are not allowed to give items to other players.
  • Players are not allowed to trade.
  • Players are not allowed to buff other players or receive buffs from them.
  • Killstealing is forbidden.

Note: See here for more details regarding the trial.

PVP Trial

Total: 50 points from 5 unique opponents.

Participants choosing to partake in this trial will battle five unique opponents of different classes (if possible) among other aspiring heroes in a one on one battle in a square arena where players participating in the Trial of Heroes can spectate. Each fight will be limited to 2 minutes. All players will be fully healed before each fight. A short amount of time is allocated before each fight to allow players to buff themselves.

Scenario Points Awarded
Winning a battle. 10
Battle ends with a tie. 5
Losing a battle. 0
Breaking a PVP rule. (Results in opponent's win) 0

Few limitation to skill usage include:

  • The Taekwon skill Jump is not allowed to be used to leave or enter the arena.
  • The Stalker skill Chase Walk can only be used for up to 10 consecutive seconds.
  • The Novice skill Play Dead can only be used for up to 30 consecutive seconds.
  • The High Priest skill Basilica can only be used for up to 30 consecutive seconds (level 3).
  • The Alchemist skill Resurrect Homunculus cannot be used during battle.
  • The Rogue skill Plagiarize is allowed but players are responsible for their copied skill and will not be allowed to go get it back if they lose it during a fight.

Note: Sometimes, there may not be enough participants for 5 fights with different opponents, in which case a GM will ask for volunteers and may offer prizes to them, which depends on the battle results.

Trivia Trial

Total: Usually 25 points from 5 different questions.

All aspiring heroes get to participate in this trial which will test their knowledge of Ragnarok Online and the heRO server which helps players earn additional points. With the help of an NPC, a series of questions will be asked, each worth 5 points. Players must input their answer in lower case within allocated time to earn points and answers to questions are given when each question's time limit ends.

Usually there are five questions, but the hosting GM will announce if there is a change in quantity of questions.

Light VS Dark Trial

Total: 10 points for winning side in a best of three mass PVP series.

A trial open to all participants of Trial of Heroes, this last trial is the climax of the event where the two allegiances will battle each outer in a best of three series of mass PVP (this means whichever side wins twice wins the series!).

The goal is simple - kill all players of the opposing allegiance. All players on the winning side earn a bonus of 10 points. Players are not allowed to switch sides during the fight. However, the catch is that if for example, 3 light players and 12 dark players enter the ToH it will be a battle of 3 VS 12, however unfair it may seem! Therefore, it is up to each side to encourage their players to participate.


In order to have access to the allegiance hero gears, a player must score at least 70 ToH points! Here is a list of more detailed prizes:

Points Rewards
100 and above
  • 1 ToH Voucher
  • 2 Old Card Album
  • 2 Old Purple Box
  • 10 Allegiance points
  • 1 ToH Voucher
  • 1 Old Purple Box
  • 1 Bloody Branch
  • 5 Allegiance points
  • 3 Poring Box
  • 2 Gift Box
  • 5 Allegiance points

Extra bonus: Players belonging to the allegiance side which won the Light VS Dark Trial (regardless of ToH participation) get a small discount of 25% of the cost of warping services provided by the Warper Boy NPC.

ToH Voucher

This special voucher, earned by heroes proving their worth by scoring 70 or more points, allow players to redeem special Trial of Heroes gear. The voucher is untradable to other players and is not refundable once it is redeemed so players are advised use it wisely!

Talk to the NPC located in the south area of Trial of Heroes island and redeem a Trial of Heroes gear. There should be few available choices:

  • Gaining a new helm. Requires a ToH Voucher.
  • Gaining a new pair of First Generation Wings. Requires a ToH Voucher.
  • Evolving a current pair of wings in inventory. Requires a ToH Voucher.
  • Destroying compounded card in current pair of wings. Free.

ToH Helms

Gaining a new helm gives the playera helm depending on the player's allegiance.

Light Dark
Angeling Helm
Angeling Helm
Deviling Helm
Deviling Helm

ToH Wings

ToH wings can evolve. This means that a player's wings will grow as they participate in more ToHs! The refinement levels and compounded card will stay the same when the wings are evolved. The exception is evolving a pair of 2nd Generation Wings to a pair of 3rd Generation Wings as 3rd Generation Wings onwards are unrefinable.

Light Dark
First Generation!
Angeling Wings
Angeling Wings
Deviling Wings
Deviling Wings
Second Generation!
Mini Angelic Wings
Mini Angelic Wings
Mini Demonic Wings
Mini Demonic Wings
Third Generation!
Divine Wings
Divine Wings
Demonic Wings
Demonic Wings
Fourth Generation!
Luminous Wings
Luminous Wings
Gargoyle Wings
Gargoyle Wings
Fifth Generation!
Archangel Wings
Archangel Wings
Archdemon Wings
Archdemon Wings
Seraphim Wings
Seraphim Wings
Tenebrous Wings
Tenebrous Wings
Celestial Wings
Celestial Wings
Twilight Wings
Twilight Wings
Sixth Generation!
Heavenly Wings
Heavenly Wings
Hellish Wings
Hellish Wings

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