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To show your appreciation for the server you can vote on 2 Topsites every 12 hours. In return you will receive points that can be exchanged for special rewards.

How It Works

GM Assistant

Voting page can be found here.

The page also contains information on your current amount of points, both total and unspent.

Be aware that the Current Points count will only increase after voting once the page is refreshed and no characters on that account are currently logged in, including merchants vending with @at.

To collect a reward, visit the GM Assistant NPC in Prontera, locate on the East side of the center of town, just a bit North of Styla.

Reward List

There are many rewards available via V4P, and span many values, all collectible from the GM Assistant on the right side of Prontera Fountain.

Help heRO Hat of the month (50 points)

GM service Ticket (150 points) [Exchange for a GM Service] ^

1x Token of Siegfried (15 points) [Revive yourself] ^

5x Chewy Ricecake (20 points) [+10 ATK for 30 minutes] ^

5x Tasty White Ration (20 points) [+15 MATK for 10 minutes] ^

5x Delicious Cake (20 points) [+3 all stats for 30 minutes] ^

5x Poring Box (10 points) [Summon a random Poring family monster]

Dead Branch Box of 25 (1 point) [Summon a random monster]

^ = Account bound item. In the case of GM Services, this also extends to item transfers. The ticket holder must either be giving or receiving the item.

To see past months' Help heRO Hats, visit Vote For Points Gears.