Wandering Spirit Quest

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Base Level:


Job Level:




Skill Requirements:



Maybe (for MvP Battle)

Item(s) (Consumed):

Skeleton Bone x40
Memento x20
Fabric x20
Rotten Bandage x20
Legacy of Dragon[0] x1, or Bible[2] x3, or Girl's Diary[1] x5
Dragon Canine x1
Dragon Scale x1
Dragon Skin x1
Dragon Tail x1
Holy Water x20
Antelope Skin x20
Animal Gore x1
Poring Egg or Poporing Egg or Drops Egg x1
Backpack x1
Baby Pacifier x1
Pinafore x5
Nursing Bottle x5

Item(s) (Not Consumed):




Quest Prerequisite(s):


Base Experience:


Job Experience:



Zeny(? Amount)
Cookie Bag x2
Fried Scorpion Tails x3
Poring Box x1
Old Purple Box x1,
Depending on Answers: Honey Pastry x1, Sesame Pastry x1

Quest Reward(s):

Zeny or Warps Unlocked in respective towns
Pumpkin Mojo x4
Wrapped Mask x1
Either Purple Bat Hat x1, Witch Hat x1, or Spiderweb Wings x1 randomly given

Description: A rumor spreads in the world that there is a mysterious, wandering spirit causing trouble for many different people. The obsessive scholar Muerto in the city of Yuno is determined to solve the mystery.

Note: This quest can only be done once per character.

1. Head to Yuno and go inside the tool shop building.


2. Talk to the Dedicated Scholar who will tell you his name is Muerto and ask you to prove your worth by making sure the Yuno warp is unlocked and collecting:

  • 40 Skeleton Bone
  • 20 Memento
  • 20 Fabric
  • 20 Rotten Bandage


3. Return to him with the items and Yuno warp unlocked. He'll take the items and tell you about a boy in Hugel named Arbo. He'll pay you some traveling expenses also to do this or will unlock the warp to Hugel if you do not have it yet.

4. Head to Hugel (66, 97) to find Arbo. You believe Arbo to have seen a dragon and decide to collect a few dragon parts and a book for him to identify the beast. You are then told to collect one of each item below:

  • Dragon Canine
  • Dragon Scale
  • Dragon Skin
  • Dragon Tail

You will also need to provide either any one of three extra options below:

  • 5 Girl's Diary[1]
  • 3 Bible[2]
  • 1 Legacy of Dragon[0]


5. Give Arbo the items and he'll reward you with a Cookie Bag. You will then be prompted that you can return to Muerto.

6. Return to Muerto, he says to visit his friend in Veins to learn about fire monsters. He will then give you some more money for your traveling expenses, or will unlock the town of Veins if you do not have it yet.

7. Find Fuegon at Veins (112, 309). He tells you of a special bag of water he can make you to scare away a mysterious monster and asks you to bring him:

  • 20 Holy Water
  • 20 Antelope Skin
  • 1 Animal Gore


8. Once you have the items return to Feugon and he will deliver the bag of water to Muerto and you'll receive 3 Fried Scorpion Tails. You may then return to Muerto in Yuno.

9. Muerto will say when you return that the water did not work. He will then say to head to the Russian Theatre (Moscovia) and find the woman who used it.

10. Go to Moscovia (265, 207) and find Juegar. Listen to her story and she'll reward you with some zeny. Now go back to Muerto in Yuno again.


11. Talk to Muerto again who will tell you about a Poring fanatic in Louyang. You'll be rewarded with some traveling expense money again to go there, or he will unlock the warp for Louyang if you do not have it.

12. Visit Belita in Louyang inside the building at Louyang (127, 63). You will then tell Belita you will find her a 1 Backpack and either one of three Pet Egg of your choice: 1 Poring Egg or 1 Poporing Egg or 1 Drops Egg.



13. Belita will tell you that the biggest Poring she knows of is God Poring and to go investigate the Poring Island. She will then reward you with a Poring Box.

14. Once at Poring Island find the NPC Ventonio (Pay_Fild04 359, 103). He'll tell you about the Poring monster that keeps attacking him and thank you for investigating the matter. He will then give you an Old Purple Box x1. You now can return to Muerto in Yuno.


15. Once at Muerto he asks you to find the connection between all the cases you have heard about so far. Type in the word "pumpkin" when prompted and he'll reward you with a Honey Pastry and a Sesame Pastry. He then tells you of a mother in Lighthalzen Slums in distress from seeing the mysterious Poring monster and to go investigate the matter. He will again give you some zeny for travel expenses or unlock the warp for Lighthalzen if you do not have it yet.

16. In Lighthalzen head to the slums on the right side of the map. Then in the slums head to a building located a little northeast of where you entered (Lighthalzen 344, 260). Enter this building and talk to Madra. She will ask you to help her child by giving her

  • 1 Baby Pacifier
  • 5 Pinafore
  • 5 Nursing Bottle



17. When Madra receives the items she will reward you with a Cookie Bag x1. Now return to Muerto one last time.

18. Once back, you'll find out Muerto died last night and you're speaking to his brother, Percepi, now. He will reward you with:

  • 4 Pumpkin Mojo
  • 1 Wrapped Mask

He will also randomly reward any one of the three possible rewards below:

  • Purple Bat Hat
  • Witch Hat
  • Spiderweb Wings

19. Optional: Talk to the Cursed Spirit in Niffleheim Field 1 (227, 246). The spirit of Muerto will tell you what happened to him, and that with the Pumpkin Mojos you can use them in the strange holes in ground to summon the MvP Hollow Poring. The strange holes are near where the spirit is.